Zong 2G, 3G, 4G Internet Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly – Prepaid & Postpaid


Zong is the newest Yet largest Broadband network in Pakistan. It was launched in 2008. At that time Zong was not an emerging brand in the telecom sector. But Zong fought in the market and became the most reliable, widely known and fastest service provider all over in Pakistan. The trading name use for Zong is CMPAK (China Mobile Pakistan). It is the world known telecom services and ranked as 4th in all over the world. Read below about the latest Zong internet packages detail for Both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.

Why Zong Internet packages are Fastest amongst the other telecom Service?

Zong offers 2G, 3G and 4G bandwidth Internet services. Zong is declared as a winner of speedy Internet data from the (PTA) Pakistan Telecom Authority. Even the Ufone and Telenor 3G’s speed were as low as 2Mbps while Jazz is somehow providing an Average speed of 5.04 Mbps. While Zong topped the chart at that time with 7.71 Mbps speed.

Not only in speed but also in Signal strength Zong is considered as at Best and top reliable service provider in market.

Zong Prepaid Internet Packages

Prepaid packages meant Pay-As-You-Go. It means payment is given in advance to use the services. If you don’t pay credit in advance, you will not get any service.

Super Students Bundle

Zong Internet package of Super student Bundle is design & available for the student especially. As students are the most important part of the community which use mobile frequently. Thus, Zong internet packages are easy on the pocket for students. This package is speedy as student need more speed to download assignments and related things.

Zong Daily Internet Packages

While providing various customized offers by Zong it also provides Daily internet packages to its users. Students, Businessman and individuals who don’t interact socially on a daily basis can subscribe to these bundles.

Daily Social Packages

Social interaction is one of the mainstream things in our daily lives these days. whether we are students, jobies, housewives or any other professionals we need to access social media. Also, some of us don’t need calling packages or SMS but internet Data to socialize. Thus, for these kinda persons Zong daily social packages are awesome to subscribe on. These are super fast and easy on the pockets too. Find your perfect packages from below:

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

Weekly data bundles are just as awesome as you find the daily ones. In fact, weekly internet bundles are more easy to handle. As you just have to subscribe for once and you don’t have to worry for the whole week. These Internet packages cover Good amount of Mbs so your data won’t end in mid of week. You can go for heavy downloading and surfing every time easily.

  • *To check remaining data, Dial *102# and then press key 4.

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Zong Monthly Internet Packages

SUPER EASY & AFFORDABLE! yes, You heard it right, Zong offers monthly internet Packages which are super affordable and worth whole month of communication. Monthly bundles keep you tension free from again and again subscribing to bundles. Pick up the best package that suits your need from the Zong internet packages below:

Zong Add Ons

Having an honour of biggest telecom services Zong have something more to offers to its valuable users. Thus, Zong is giving ADD-ONs to subscribe with any of the above Zong internet packages. However, Add-ons can be subscribed only when you consumed your 80% Data. See below some of Add-ons which you can select:

Terms & Conditions

  • Above mentioned packages are only for prepaid users.
  • To check any remaining data, Dial *102# and then press key 4.
  • If your bucket Mbs are consumed and you still using Internet, then Rs 4/Mb will charge.
  • Any two data packages can’t be subscribe at once.
  • Above mentioned packages doesn’t include Tax.

Zong Postpay Internet Packages

Postpaid users can’t be ignore by anymean. Postpay user are provided by equally awesome packages from Zong here. Mostly Postpaid are not offered by daily or weekly type packages. As these packages are paid at the end of package that mostly consist of Monthly payments. Thus, Monthly postpaid offers are given in details below:

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